Channel transcripts now available.

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I have been having my Awakening Zone channels with Kuthumi transcribed and you can download them for free right here on my website.

Reading a channel can often help you connect with the energy in a whole new way. It can also take you deeper into the words. I also find that those who do not have English as a first language also find it easier to take in the information this way- and they don’t have to keep up with my accent or the speed of my speech!

The transcripts are also finding their way into other languages through some very wonderful translators. I am more than happy for people to translate them, to share with friends, via blogs, etc as long as no fee is charged and that the source is correctly referenced.

Don’t forget all these transcripts come from my radio shows on Awakening Zone. This is an amazing internet radio network founded by Crimson Circle that is dedicated to self empowerment and new consciousness. We broadcast shows from all over the world and in many languages. All the shows are instantly archived so if you can’t tune in live there are thousands of shows you can browse through.
Make sure you drop by at Awakening Zone to see whats happening!

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