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Saint Francis of Assisi

Let’s Go For A Walk; Book Four

A Life Adventure of
 Ascended Master Kuthumi Lal Singh 
as told to Marisa Calvi

(200 pages, B5 paperback)


Ascended Master Kuthumi’s life adventures continue on with the story of Saint Francis of Assisi. One of the most venerated of the Catholic saints, Francis is known as a religious reformer, humanitarian and dedicated lover of nature. Kuthumi takes us deep into Francis’ personal experience, from the shedding of his wealthy family through to the establishment of a worldwide brotherhood of teachers.

As we step through this history, Francis shares with us his deep connection to God and how this enriched his life and inspired others. Francis celebrates this divine relationship throughout his life letting us witness the incredible gifts this offered him. Through telling his story, Francis’ life becomes a grand invitation to allow this boundless love and joy into our own lives.

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Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.