Our Body School will be held again in July. Details coming soon!


Starting May 14th

Self Love

The return to our soul and essence is the grandest journey of all. It can take lifetimes or just one breath. The distractions are plentiful but the rewards are even more so.

The grandest gift within this journey is embracing our self love. We were born of a limitless, infinite and compassionate love. It is our natural state and yet it can be so hard to allow this into our life. Within the space of self love we can release the judgements and stories that are keeping us limited. Yet these very things can seem more powerful than our desire for the balance, clarity and joy that this love offers us.

Within the school we will explore
– why we don’t allow self love
– why we should love ourselves
– how does self love look, feel and express in human life
– self love vs selfish

As with all our schools this theme will be explored along with inviting and expanding our soul connection deeper into our lives.
You will have an opportunity to ask a question. These need to be related to our school theme or soul connection.

School sessions will be held at 7pm Aus EDT (Sydney)
All sessions will be available for streaming or download afterwards.

Sunday May 14th
Sunday May 21st
Thursday May 25th (Q&A)
Sunday May 28th
Thursday June 1st (Q&A)
Sunday June 4th

Cost- AU$100