Starting April 9th


Abundance and Creative Flow

Our soul is our creative essence seeking to explore experience.

This school will take us into how we can create without limits.

While we will cover human finances, this school will be so much more!

Kuthumi will invite us to explore our mind’s ideas of limits and boundaries and how we can release these.

We will play with going beyond our beliefs and stories and explore stepping out of linearity.

Kuthumi and Soul will take us into the very essence of our creativity and how we can let this natural creative state express itself in our human experience.

The school will consist of six sessions over four weeks, including two Q&A sessions where participants can email questions to Kuthumi.
Questions must be within the theme of the school.

School sessions will be held at 7pm Aus EDT (Sydney)
All sessions will be available for streaming or download afterwards.

Sunday April 9th
Sunday April 16th
Thursday April 20th (Q&A)
Sunday April 23rd
Thursday April 27th (Q&A)
Sunday April 30th

Cost- AU$100