Being A Creator

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I am a creator and I create for the joy of creating. Wow! Can you feel the freedom in that? Feel the freedom in that. I don’t create to reach a goal. I don’t create to satisfy others and their expectations of me. I create for the joy of creating this experience right here, right now. I don’t create for what will be in three years. I don’t create for what will be in six months. I create because I’m so in love with this here and now moment and who I am in this here and now moment. And every time I take that breath and say, “I Am that I Am, right here, right now, so in love with myself and this is as good as it gets,” I accept and love who I am in this moment.

And your creativity sighs and takes a deep breath and says, “Thank you for setting me free. I no longer have to validate why I did what I did. I don’t have to be questioned on what I’m doing right now. I don’t have to fear of what will come next. I am free to create with you. I am free to allow my full expression to come through in this dimension. I set myself free of the limits and stories and the programmings and the default settings that do not serve how I choose experience here in this Now moment.”

From my latest channel “Let’s Live Life”.
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